4 Situations Where You Need Live Bee Removal

At D-Tek Live Bee Removal, we get lots of calls from San Diego residents who think they need a professional bee removal technician, but aren’t sure if their bee situation is big enough to call in the experts. In most cases, if you think you have a problem, you probably do.

Anytime you think you may have a bee infestation on your San Diego property, it is best to call a professional live bee removal company right away. The longer you wait, the more time the bees have to grow their colony, damage your home and pose a risk to your family.

In this article, we are going to share four of the top reasons why you may need to hire a live bee removal company to your San Diego home or business. While bee removal is not a service you need every day, when you do need it, it’s important that you choose a professional and competent company.

If you think you have bee troubles, call D-Tek Live Bee Removal at 760-224-3040 to speak with one of our bee removal specialists today.

4 Situations When You Need to Hire a Live Bee Removal Company
Increased Bee Activity
A surefire sign that you may have bee trouble on your property is an increase in honeybee activity. If you are beginning to notice bees buzzing around your property in higher numbers, there is a good chance that there is a hive somewhere in the vicinity. Try to locate where the bees are flying to and from, as this will be a good signal as to where they have built their hive. Be sure to keep your distance and avoid aggravating the bees. Buzzing bees who are foraging for food and water can become aggressive if provoked.

Noticeable Bee Damage
Bees can cause quite a bit of damage to your home or other structures such as sheds or garages. Large hives could have tens of thousands of bees. The honeycomb that makes up the hive can be quite heavy, causing distress on beams and pipes. As the hive expands, it can destroy drywall and insulation and other things within the walls of your home. As honey warms, it can seep into your walls, resulting in staining and deterioration. Large hives that are left to their own devices could cause significant damage that could make a property uninhabitable.

If you are noticing any signs of potential bee damage, you should call a live bee removal company immediately. They can assess your situation, remove the bees and the hive and then perform the necessary repairs to bring your structure back to a safe condition.

A Large Swarm
In most cases, a honeybee swarm is nothing to worry about. Bees swarm because they are splitting a large colony into two in order to put both in a better position to survive and thrive. Swarming bees have one mission, and one mission only: to find a new home. A swarm may last for only a few hours or a few days, so in most cases ignoring it is the best solution. However, there are some cases where a large swarm should be removed by professionals. If the bees have decided to swarm in an inconvenient or unsafe location near a business, school or home, the bees should be safely removed by professionals.

Bee Proofing
Another reason to call a live bee removal company is to bee proof your home or property. People who have had an infestation know how frustrating it can be. Bee proofing services can help prevent future infestations by sealing up holes, cracks and seams where bees can typically make entrance into a structure. A professional technician can come to your property and assess areas that might be vulnerable to bees. At D-Tek Live Bee Removal, we use non-toxic substances that are safe for bees and your family to seal these entrance points.

San Diego Live Bee Removal Services
Anytime you think you may have a bee situation on your hands, it is best to call professionals like D-Tek Live Bee Removal. Simply tell them about the situation and they can dispatch a qualified technician to your property right away to assess your situation and see if removal is required. If so, they will get to work quickly so you can get back to enjoying your space without the fear of buzzing bees or bee stings.

Contact D-Tek Live Bee Removal today at 760-224-3040 to set up an inspection and a quote for services.

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