How to make high quality feed pellet by your own ?

In many of customers’ inquiry, the most question is the price of feed pellet machine ,also the output of the feed pellet machine, how the formula is suitable for poultry feeding, and so on.
Although these issues are the most important factors in choosing a feed pellet machine,but we must not neglect the use of the surrounding resources combined with the feed pellet machine. Right raw material and high quality feed pellet machine to achieve good production cost.
When customers buy a feed pellet machine , they need provided related requirements like approximate required output,is there three-phase electricity available, the most important thing is raw materials. Customers should make feeds pellet based on their own local superior resources, which means that they have sufficient local raw materials. The use of sufficient raw materials can reduce costs while paying attention to the nutrient absorption of the feed.
Secondly, we must choose safe formula, although our feed pellet machine will kill all kinds of parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms through high temperature during the production process, and reduce all kinds of insects and digestive system diseases. But for the healthy breeding of poultry,,the farmer should pay attention to the palatability of poultry feed and the balanced absorption of nutrients during the configuration process. Never choose moldy and deteriorating raw materials to make feed pellets.
In the end, we also need take care of the moisture of of raw material. For different raw materials in different regions, the moisture control is different. The moisture content of corn is about 14%-15%, the moisture content of soybean meal is about 13%, and the moisture content of wheat bran is about 12%. %-18%, so the water content of various raw materials is different, we must pay attention to this problem.
Therefore, in the production process of the feed pellet , in addition to the quality of the feed pellet machine ,the most important thing is raw materials. Choose right raw materials, and buy high quality animal feed pellet mill ,which can make your breeding business easier and more convenient.

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