How to Save on Fuel Efficiency of Transport Refrigeration System

Both manufacturers are also quick to point to the fuel efficiencyavailable by running refrigeration units on electric standby.
The ability to plug some TRUs into electric standby power when parked allows the refrigeration system to run with the diesel engine off. This conserves fuel for the highway while eliminating the costs, noise and emissions associated with running the diesel engine.
The capability offers dual benefits of environmental and economic savings, because typically it is 40 to 75 percent less expensive to operate the unit on electricity, rather than diesel power.
Even with the recent drop in the price of fuel, use of electric standby still makes economic sense, and the noise and emissions reductions help fleets to be good neighbors within the urban and suburban communities where they operate.
How to save on fuel efficiency?
One effective way to make your reefer trailer more fuel efficient is by running your reefer unit on electrical standby. When your reefer unit is plugged into the power source from a building’s electrical supply, it’s not using the fuel from your truck.
Guchen Thermo reefer units have an all-electric design. This means that the Guchen Thermo reefer unit may be a natural fit for fuel efficiency by running the unit on electric standby. It may be a good idea to use a hybrid reefer unit with a used reefer trailer for optimal savings.
What’s more, not only does electrical standby boost the fuel efficiency of your truck but it also boosts the fuel efficiency of the reefer unit as well. Because the reefer unit is hooked up the electrical system of the building, it’s using none of its own power.
the use of electric standby systems can reduce stationary fuel consumption to essentially zero.
Not only does electric standby offer thebenefits of lower noise, reduced emissions and less maintenance, butalso, depending on the price of fuel, a fleet can save 40% to 70% inenergy costs by plugging into the grid versus running the reeferstrictly on diesel fuel.

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