How to Choose Floating Fish Feed Making Machine

With the fast improvement of aquaculture, its financial advantage has end up considerable, therefore, a number aquatic feeds, in unique floating fish feed pellet, upward shove in response to this trend. Because aquatic animals like fish and shrimp have small intestines and belly with terrible digest and absorption ability, the manufacturing manner of aquaculture feed has an awful lot greater requirement than that of farm animals feed, which ability it’s very vital to select appropriate fish feed laptop to produce aqua feed.

Before deciding on fish feed manufacturing machine, it’s very integral to analyze about the points of aquatic feed:

1. Small particle size. Due to quick intestines and belly and different physiological houses of aquatic animal, in order to speed up digest and absorption, the fineness of pulverization of aquatic feed must be smaller than chicken feed. For example, when producing fish feed or prawn feed, the uncooked fabric flour measurement ought to attain 60-120 meshes which should make certain to make right great of fish feed pellets.

With this reason, the hammer mill/grinding desktop would be very essential to make certain producing very fantastic flour material.

2. High protein content and low carbohydrate. The protein content material of cattle feed is regularly much less than 20%, whilst that of aquaculture feed is usually 30%-40 or more, mainly for the small fish feed which is developing very fast, and some aqua feed protein content material is up to 65%-70%.

With this, we must pick proper feed formula, and the usage of mixer computer to combine exclusive substances together. It is one of the key equipment, of which the overall performance at once influences the manufacturing effectivity and product great of feed plants.

3. Pellet feed structure is compact, with greater cohesiveness and water resistance. For instance, aqua feed requires the water balance of pellet up to 2-10 hours or more.
Since fish feed manufacturing requires greater diploma of gelatinization and water stability, the choice of fish feed extruder is very important. Through prolonging substances tempering time and starch gelatinization below excessive temperature can enhance adhesive property of feed pellets, kill Salmonella and different a range of hazardous bacteria, which now not solely promotes the water balance of fish feed however also improves the palatability and digestibility of feed.

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