GALUKU World Leader In Coir Media.
GALUKU main factor is located more coconut plantation area such as Kurenegala plantation (KPL) and lot of Major and miner private plantation also. We have stabilized our business 2004 in smaller scale industry but within last four years we because number one coco peat business in Sri Lanka,

We are maintaining all ways best quality and many buyers were Join with us promote GALUKU products in the world market, so GALUKU become world leader in Coir media. We are exporting more than 30-40 countries all over the world. Also we launch lot of new item and some are under patent. GALUKU started to make graded coco peat in deferent application such as plants ( tomatoes, cucumber, roses. Etc.. ) also GALUKU started lot of mixing products such as Cocopeat and Husk chips as CS11, CS111 etc..

Then GALUKU wanted to start Industrial application products such as Oil absorbent industries and Bio filter system , So GALUKU use all waste fine coco peat ( It come out from Grow bags material) with nice chemical treatment as an Industrial application, this products is getting much demand in the world market.

Galuku innervations section all ways looking to mach coco peat as some alternative for difficult markets, so GALUKU started some animal application products out of coco peat and coconut Husk chips , this is become more demand products and Just after launch we got many orders and agent for this products.

COCO PEAT all ways collect from local fiber millers as COCONUT FIBER and all quality control is done at the factory. But some kind of quality can not check after delivered raw material, such as sand, weeds etc.. GALUKU started retail 50 L bags products with fully washing , treated, squeeze line by retail market, so GALUKU wanted to start own Coco peat project to get such as value added products.

After started GALUKU own coco peat project with bigger THAILAND machine we wanted use about 40,000 husk per day, so GALUKU had Coconut fiber stock as by products when we get COCO PEAT as major products.. Normally al fiber manufacture are telling coconut fiber is main products for them and Coco peat buy products, That is the truth story. But GALUKU own coco peat project GALUKU wanted to get Coco peat and COCONUT FIBER become by products.

Then GALUKU wanted to start fiber export recently, so we supplied some containers to China market but GALUKU not so happy to work un reliable organization with season business,. So GALUKU waited till find good partner in China to regularize GALUKU COCONUT fiber business.

Then GALUKU COCONUT FIBER division start to extend their own material and more collecting sources around GALUKU factories, GALUKU have 6 Own factories in Sri Lanka. But after search of supplying sources GALUKU is not really happy quality of suppliers due to high demand of China market and the most small factories collect bad quality material, Non of millers are dry enough of COCONUT FIBER.

GALUKU HAS production capacity more than 100 containers per month and going to import another two machine from China before Mid Nov /2009 . But GALUKU is planning to extend their Own COCONUT FIBER and collect only right quality manufactures, GALUKU knows the most of Coconut Fiber Manufacture due to loan period in Coco peat Industries, Owner Of GALUKU Mr.Jagath M yapa started his carrier with coco peat since 1994. then lot of fiber millers are very interested to doing business with GALUKU owner ship.

GALUKU had well train staff to handle customer service as follows.
General Manager Mr.S,K,S Mahinda
Factory Manager Mr. Wasantha Kumara
International Cordination Ms. Sulani Ginthota
Shipping documentation Ms. Inoka Kumuduni

Jagath yapa.
Chairman/Managing Director.
Galuku Lanka Exports Pvt Ltd.

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  • City:Kurunegala
  • State/province:NW
  • Country/region:Sri Lanka
  • Zip:6060
  • Tel:94-37-2232815
  • Mobile Phone:0094717046102
  • Fax:94-37-2232817
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