Greetings from India
It is a matter of pride for us to introduce ourselves, soex India pvt ltd, a group company under the flagship of sopariwala exports, one of india's largest exporter of tobacco & tobacco products.
The following is a partial list of the products that we manufacture:
Flavoured herbal hookah molasses
Keeping in tune with our commitment to research and quality, we are proud to introduce yet another revolutionary concept in smoking hookah. Soex now presents herbal hookah molasses, which contains negligible tar, no nicotene and no tobacco at all! ! This herbal molasses is available in more than 25 delicious and mouth watering flavours like apple, strawberry, mixed fruit, aniseed, mango, grapes, sweet mellon, cappuccino, banana and many more.
Afzal hookah molasses-tobacco
For the regular tobacco lovers, we proudly present, the famous afzal flavoured hookah molasses tobacco which is fast becoming a benchmark of quality for hookah molasses tobacco. This molasses tobacco is available in more than 20 fresh, delicious and mouth watering flavors as given above for herbal molasses.
Soex flavoured herbal cigarettes (bidis)
Soex proudly introduces the flavoured herbal handcrafted cigarettes (bidis) that delivers the same satisfying, uncompromising, and flavourful smoke found in the regular tobacco bidis, but without the harmful effects of tobacco as it contains no nicotine and no tobacco! ! These flavoured cigarettes are available in a variety of mouth watering flavours.
Soex flavoured handcrafted filter cigarettes (bidis)
These handcrafted cigarettes (bidis) are manufactured with top quality tobacco and then hand-rolled in carefully selected natural tendu leaves to give you superior-quality and satisfying smoking effect. These flavoured cigarettes (bidis) are available in a variety of mouth watering flavours.
Soex cigars
Incorporating the finest blend of Indian tobacco as long fillers and wrappers, soex cigars are able to achieve their unique balance of strength, spice, and flavour. This fusion of flavour creates an unparalleled smoking experience.
Soex mini cigars
Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, soex cigarillos with their fine aroma and unique taste strikes a perfect balance in strength and mildness with a blend of Indian tobacco fillers covered with burley wrappers, this cigarillo comes with individual filters tips which help smoothen the overall texture of the smoke.
Soex quick-lite hookah charcoal tablets
The soex charcoal tablets are fast lighting and are especially made to add pleasure to the hookah / shisha smoking. It ensures total hookah smoking satisfaction as it keeps on burning slowly and evenly, thereby providing a longlasting and intense burning. One soex charcoal tablet goes on for approximately 35 to 45 minutes. Its smokeless as well as odourless hence doesnt gives bad odour. Just light a soex charcoal tablet with a match stick or a lighter. . . It catches fire very quickly and burns evenly from all the sides of the tablet and enhances the pleasure of hookah / shisha smoking.
Soex safety match box
We at soex also manufacture top quality safety match sticks. We can manufacture a variety of match sticks like advertising matches, cardboard matches, and household matches to name a few. We assure you of superior quality of the sticks, quick lighting, and comparatively long burning match sticks.
Soex smoking pipes
Experience the pleasure of smoking pipes with soex smoking pipes. We offer skilfully handcrafted meerchaum smoking pipes as well as beautifully wooden made smoking pipes. These are some of the finest and most sought after smoking pipes in the world. Soex brings it to you with the same tradition of quality and commited craftsmanship.

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  • Street:21st Floor, Nirmal Building
  • City:Mumbai
  • State/province:Maharashtra
  • Country/region:India
  • Zip:400021
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  • Fax:91-22-6639 6677
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