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AIA to build elite training outstanding top Wun Road, Million Dollar Round Table embark on financial planning and protection of the ideal professional prospects in recent years become a popular choice for hot jobs, many local graduates or ambitious people keen to join the insurance industry, a career. American International Assurance (AIA) was founded this year, "AIA PREMIER ACADEMY", through the improvement of intensive professional training program, well-built industry elite of the elite, and helping them set foot in the shortest time Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) of Wun Road.

Elite programs to improve the system away from the traditional mode of training professionals in the insurance industry, AIA created an industry first, offering the "AIA PREMIER ACADEMY", has been hailed as the industry "elite colleges." All participants are young, vibrant and confident new generation of high-quality graduates. After the students complete the training in business sales, wealth management and other aspects of quality service to achieve the highest professional standards are, and among the MDRT membership as the ultimate goal, and led the group of elite division all-star to guide the senior member of MDRT . Established in 1927 MDRT in the international insurance industry has high status and professional identity. As of May 2011, AIA Hong Kong and Macau, there are over eight hundred business representatives have MDRT membership, the highest number of Hong Kong. "AIA PREMIER ACADEMY" was set up to students to promote the establishment of career goals, to achieve this excellence MDRT qualification, struggling forward.

Million Dollar Round Table members personally AIA district manager Yao Fung, Professor Chu (ANITA) and the Regional Director Zhang Huiling (DORIS) are introduced, plan to have distinctive features: "The company invested more than HK $ 100 million per year of resources in the" AIA PREMIER ACADEMY "students two years continuous training programs, coupled with well-equipped resource center and technical support in all aspects, the training of a congregation with a vision, confidence and strength of the elite, and in a short time-eminence among the MDRT. "Another area director Xu Yuhan (BERNARD) that," AIA PREMIER ACADEMY "planning and preparation for a long time, absolutely elite professional training:" All students must go through rigorous interviews, through the trials, less can be "AIA PREMIER ACADEMY" elite.

Program has a perfect system and the system, students not only receive comprehensive training and knowledge of the insurance business, more mentors for individual students for appropriate guidance and follow-up to ensure training courses through the system type, effectively upgrade their professional knowledge and sales skills . "Benefit theory and practice just completed the first course of Guo Meiying (WENDY), Huang Wang (TONY) and Yao Junjia (IVAN), said to be the" AIA PREMIER ACADEMY "part was very proud and superior. "During the training, in addition to grant to teach the foreign professional theories, many internship opportunities and simulation training, greatly enhance our understanding of the insurance industry and enhance the professional product knowledge. "TONY that. WENDY mean, after this training, individuals greatly enhance the level of insurance professionals: "plan the planning and insurance consultants, they share a lot of valuable experience in the past and different combat techniques.

At the same time, my mentor for personal guidance will BERNARD, including how to respond to different customer needs, providing appropriate financial planning and protection; how to open up source, the flexibility required to face different customer communication skills, so I have benefited a good more, seems like playing a booster. "" AIA PREMIER ACADEMY "The goal of clear, promote and support among students, everyone's confidence and cohesion have been increased, a former professional accountants IVAN said:" AIA PREMIER ACADEMY "is a structured professional training, the real do "ROAD TO DRT", after the completion of this project, I am sure by professional accountants choose to qualify as financial planning and security consultant, is the correct decision, but also very confident that we can become a member of MDRT.

Introduction Since the broad road to Million Dollar Round Table MDRT goal, "AIA PREMIER ACADEMY" members are the industry's elite, three business executives said that the original selection WENDY, TONY and IVAN as "AIA PREMIER ACADEMY" students, in addition to considering their qualifications and work experience, character is positive, positive, are the main factors to determine if they have become a professional Financial Planner necessary condition, then personal training with a member of MDRT, results will certainly complement each other. "AIA PREMIER ACADEMY" in order to improve the training, with instructors with professional strength of the MDRT, highly successful as a public insurance professionals aspiring to open the broad road of Million Dollar Round Table, I believe this group of outstanding talent has achieved remarkable success in the future will become MDRT Super members.


1) professional analysis of financial condition guests

2) According to the results of its analysis (financial need) to provide professional financial planning advice and targeted

3) periodic review to determine guests safely embarked on the financial goals of the company obtain international financial planning walks free Professional Diploma (IIUM by the Macau Inter-University Institute awarded) - In addition to full-time, but also for college students or part-time job Renshi - the need for risk management, financial analysis of investment or financial interest in flexible working hours ~ ~ Negotiable salary and good benefits - for those aspiring to become a professional financial planner Renshi - Candidates must hold a Macao resident identity card - to learn if there are persistent spirit of early submissions, who wish to interview, please call the ideal career, hard work! so young you can become young talents, the new generation of entrepreneurs! 66611055 or e-mail Mr Ben Un

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