KTC TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD is a member of Ormita Commerce Network. Ormita represents an exciting and profitable business opportunity for business owners who are looking to conserve their cash. By using Ormita to trade theirr excess capacity, product or time for goods and services they need, a business owner can save cash and reduce their overheads. New products are effectively purchased with a businesses excess capacity (instead of from their existing net profit) meaning they can buy goods and services at a discount, with their own credit line, and on better terms than they ever would with cash.
Ormita offers a way for businesses to supplement their existing income through the process of trading their excess capacity or slow moving inventory for things they need. Regardless of the amount of money in the economy a business owner can still make acquisitions, create more brand awareness, fund marketing campaigns, reward customers, improve staff moral and enhance their lifestyle by trading what they have for what they need.
Ormita differentiates itself from other barter exchanges in that it only lets people sell when it is sure that it has something they can buy in return. We allow a small amount of cash in the transaction. We have a 24x7 trading desk. We have the lowest fees in the industry and we have a network spanning 87 countries across 5 continents.

  • Products/services:LCD TV,Tablet PC
  • Street:Shajing
  • City:Shenzhen
  • State/province:Guangdong
  • Country/region:China (Mainland)
  • Tel:86-755-89812301
  • Mobile Phone:13717086354
  • Website:http://www.ormita.hk
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